Country music star Aaron Tippin promises a fun country night at Idaho State University

POCATELLO — Aaron Tippin will appear with Terri Clark Feb. 25 at 7:30 p.m. at the Idaho State University Stephens Performing Arts Center.

“Come have a good time. I try to bring a good time with me and share it with everybody,” Tippin said. “I’m always looking for something cool, interesting, wild and different to happen at the show.”

Tippin describes his music as, “pretty country.”

Aaron Tippin

Aaron Tippin

Tippin grew up on farms. He raised black angus cows and show hogs for 4H when he was young. He has three children he is very proud of. Tippin started country music in the 90s and had a few hits. The hits got him attention from the Bob Hope Show Christmas of 1990, which ignited the flame for his career. Tippin’s inspirations have been Hank Williams, Sr., Jimmy Rodgers and Ernest Tubb. His first record was “Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong the Radio.”

“I was very fortunate. With that came the opportunity to be on the ‘Chipmunks Album’,” Tippin said. “I got me singin’ ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with the Radio’ and I got the Chipmunks singing ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with the Radio.’”

Tippin has been struck by lightning twice; once when he was 10 and again in his 20s. He has also successfully dead stick-landed two planes that had lost power.

“I was just lucky and blessed,” Tippin said.

Tippin has been able to release his special 25-year anniversary album “Aaron Tippin 25,” which features 10 of his old songs and 10 new ones. In addition he said, there are five songs most people wouldn’t hear redone county-music style.

“The new stuff is really a collage of what it’s been like to be in this business for 25 years and songs that relate to my life and to the business and all the things that hover around that.”

Tippin said one of his more special songs was “He Believed,” which he is very proud of. The song was written in cooperation with his wife, Thea. It is about Tippin’s father and his character.

“Tippin’s favorite music video is “Ready to Rock.” He was able to fly a 1941 Steer Man airplane in that video, which was shot on his farm and his neighbors were able to be a part of it.

“It was a big jam session for the highlight and it was pretty cool to just have my neighbors and everybody there for this video down on my farm,” Tippin said.

Two of his cherished memories are igniting his career with Hope and having an astronaut, U.S. Marine Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Sturckow, take his album into space aboard the space shuttle, “Discovery.”

“He was allowed two pieces of music in space and he took my CD,” Tippin said. “I got a picture of my music floatin’ in space. That’s pretty good.”

Tippin also puts on shows for the United States military. He has traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan nine times. In addition he has been to Pakistan, Germany, Korea, Japan and many other places. He also performs on bases located within the United States.

Tippin is supportive of aspiring artists in the country music industry. For example, he is currently helping a rising star in country music, Daniel Smalley, write and perform songs. Tippin is supportive of aspiring artists in the country music industry.

“Somebody singing a great song is most important to me,” Tippin said. “If they feel like this is what they wanna do for a livin’ come on down. Get in the pool with the rest of us.”

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