Idaho State University receives new wireless network technology, now member of Eduroam

POCATELLO—Idaho State University is now a member of the Eduroam global wireless network.

Education Roaming, Eduroam, is a worldwide wireless service developed for the global research and education community. Eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions by simply connecting to the eduroam wireless SSID.

This benefits visiting faculty, academics traveling for conferences and collaborative work, study abroad students, visitors attending NCAA activities and even regional academic exchange.

“This is not limited to the United States. This is a global community,” said Mark Norviel, manager of Information Technology Networking and Communications Systems at Idaho State University. “Eduroam actually was started in Europe and is rapidly growing globally. It is now being used by hundreds of participating institutions, with more being added all the time.”

Eduroam is available to the research and education community including libraries, museums and selected government agencies.

Instead of using the “Guest” networks when visiting another eduroam participating institution, students, faculty and staff can use their ISU credentials for the duration their stay, resulting in no more inconvenient registration, reregistration or time-outs.

“Idaho State University students can select the eduroam SSID under laptop or other mobile device wireless settings,” Norviel said, “ Students will enter their ISU username with added ( and their BengalWeb/email password. It is important to accept/trust the security certificate offered.”

The reverse is the same, a visiting student, faculty or staff working at any of ISU’s campuses will be able to use their home institutions credentials, as long as their home institution is also a member of the eduroam global community.

Today’s common computer operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Apple and Linux, as well as Apple and Android Smartphones can use Eduroam. With literally hundreds of thousands of wireless access points sharing a common SSID, Eduroam acts as one large, worldwide, wireless hotspot.

“Joining the global Eduroam wireless community is very exciting for ISU,” Norviel said.

For more information visit the ISU Networking and Communications web page at