Calling artists of all ages to create fish artwork to be displayed in the Idaho Museum of Natural History

POCATELLO — The Idaho Museum of Natural History is inviting the public and students of all ages to participate in “Fish in the Classroom” exhibit by submitting fish art for its current exhibit “Gone Fishin’.”

A sculpture of a sturgeon, one of 39 if Idaho fish species that needs to be replaced.

A sculpture of a sturgeon, one of 39 Idaho fish species that needs to be replaced in the museum’s “Gone Fishin'” exhibit.

The museum, located on the campus of Idaho State University, now has 3-D art sculptures from Lonnie Hutson for each of Idaho’s 39 native fish species as part of the exhibit. These pieces will be leaving the museum in February. The museum is encouraging artists of all ages to make their own fish art to be displayed in the gallery to replace these sculptures.

The “Fish in the Classroom” exhibit is open for students to celebrate the creativity of Idaho students and will teach students about Idaho’s native fish.

More of the fish sculptures from the exhibit

More of the fish sculptures from the exhibit

Each artist must produce an artistic representation of an Idaho native fish species. The pieces must be to scale. There are fish up to 6-feet long or as small as 6-inches inches long for artists to design. For fish assignments and for information on how large each fish needs to be, interested artists can contact Becky Hansis O’Neill at 208-282-2195 or

Pieces must be delivered to the museum by Feb. 1

Each artist will be recognized by labels on each piece of artwork. The pieces will be used until May, when artists will have the option to sell their piece in the gift shop.

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