ISU alumnus writes book on cure for back pain

Idaho State University alumnus Edwin J. Neil has written a book "Opti-Stretch versus Recurrent Back Pain," which helps readers rehabilitate strained muscles. It was published last year by Classic Day Publishing.

Neil graduated from ISU with a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish cum laude in 1976. He also earned a Master of Science degree in zoology suma cum laude in 1979. He then went to the University of Utah School of Medicine and graduated in 1982.

Neil has had three years of general surgery residency, 2,600 hours of Emergency room practice and 5,100 hours of urgency care clinic practice. He went on to have a residency in anesthesiology and a fellowship on pain management graduating from Texas Tech University in 1990. Neil served as interim director of Pain Management at Oregon Health Sciences University for three years prior to entering private practice.

In 1997, Neil was losing the battle with recurrent back pain. It stopped him from being able to enjoy his active lifestyle or even to lift his 25-pound three-year-old daughter over his head. This inspired him to learn everything he could about benign back pain. "Opti-Stretch" is the result. It outlines a series of stretching exercises that are designed to restore injured muscles back to health.

Neil no longer practices clinical medicine and is involved full time in back-pain research and development.