Visiting Chinese scholars schedule lectures at ISU

Two visiting professors from Nantong University (NTU) in China, Dean Wu Xingdong of NTU's School of Foreign Studies, and Dean Gu Haiying of the NTU School of Public Health, will deliver a series of lectures at Idaho State University during the week of Oct. 2-6.

Dean Wu will address issues of contemporary education, culture, and history in China, and Dean Gu will devote his remarks to various specialized topics concerning the electrochemistry of cells, proteins, and enzymes. Dean Gu's lectures will be sponsored by the Institute for Biomedical Technology.

The lectures are part of ISU's first-ever faculty/staff exchange with a Chinese University, which also included a series of lectures given at NTU in June by Dr. Jay Kunze, former dean of the College of Engineering, and David Wendt, ISU special assistant to the president. For ISU, the lectures provide a unique opportunity for in-depth exposure to issues of contemporary Chinese society and culture and to cutting-edge research trends in the Chinese academic community.

Participation in the lecture series is open to all members of the university community and public on both a for-credit and non-credit basis.

Wu is a leader in the applied linguistics community in China's Jiangsu province and within China as a whole. Dean Wu's lectures will be presented at 7–9 p.m. Monday through Friday in the PSUB Bear River Room, with the exception of Thursday evening's lecture, which will be presented in the PSUB North Fork Room. The topics of Wu's lectures are:

• Oct. 2 – "A Survey of China and its Economic Development"

• Oct. 3 – "The Educational System of China"

• Oct. 4 – "A Brief Introduction to Nantong and Nantong University"

• Oct. 5 – "The Influence of Different Worldviews on Language Learning and Teaching"

• Oct. 6 ¬ "Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages"

Gu's lectures will be sponsored by the ISU Biomedical Research Institute, whose director, Dr. Christopher Daniels, will introduce him. Dean Gu's lectures will be presented

from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday in the Pond Student Union Building Clearwater Room, including an hour for lunch from noon to 1 p.m. Most of Gu's lectures are for a specialized audience, except his Oct. 6 lecture on "Issues of Public Health in China." Topics of Gu's lectures are:

Oct. 2 – "Biological Electrochemical Analysis: Pharmaceutical Analysis"

Oct. 3 – "Nano-electrochemistry of Proteins and Enzymes"

Oct. 4 – "Cellular Biosensor and Cellular Nano-electrochemistry"

Oct. 5 – "Cellular Biological Engineering"

Oct. 6 – "Issues of Public Health in China"

For more information on the lectures, contact ISU Academic Support, at (208) 282-4545 or