ISU alumna honored as Dental Hygienist of the Year

Lisa Higbee

It’s not the cover of the Rolling Stone, but having her picture on the cover of the November issue of Modern Hygienist magazine works just fine for Lisa Higbee, an Idaho State University alumna and dental hygienist for dentist D. Michael Sutton in Pocatello.

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Lisa HigbeeEarlier this fall, Higbee was chosen as the 2006 BreathRx® Hygienist of the Year by Discus Dental and was awarded a $5,000 prize for that honor.

Winning the award and gracing the cover of one of her favorite professional publications has been, in her words, “amazing.” Higbee, who graduated from ISU’s dental hygiene program in 1986, was one of 500 nominees/entries for the award. Judges whittled that number down to 10 finalists. Those finalists were interviewed over the phone, and Higbee made the cut to the final five and was flown to Beverly Hills to be interviewed. [Read more…]

ISU IRI director Schou to speak at three Pacific Rim countries

Dr. Corey Schou

While most of his colleagues and students at Idaho State University will be relaxing during the Thanksgiving break, ISU Informatics Research Institute director Dr. Corey Schou will be on a whirlwind speaking tour giving lectures in three different Pacific Rim/Asian countries in four days.

Schou has been invited to discuss worldwide workforce issues in information assurance and computer security with several universities, professional societies and governments. Information assurance is “the technical and managerial measures designed to ensure the confidentiality, possession or control, integrity, authenticity, availability and utility of information and information systems.” [Read more…]

Arrowheads and artificial intelligence: ISU, University of Texas collaborate

From left, ISU student Keith Lohse, ISU psychology professor Dr. Kandi Turley-Ames and the University of Texas's Dr. Michael Collins meet to discuss options.

Idaho State University is collaborating in a research venture with the University of Texas that combines cognitive psychology, archaeology, informatics, education and information systems, which will allow archaeologists to use computers to identify artifacts that could formerly only be identified by a few people in the world.From left, ISU student Keith Lohse, ISU psychology professor Dr. Kandi Turley-Ames and the University of Texas's Dr. Michael Collins meet to discuss options.

The UT Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory (TARL) contacted the ISU Informatics Research Institute (IRI) to develop a computerized expert-classification system for its collection of thousands of Clovis artifacts. Clovis is the name given to an ancient group of people, whose relics are found throughout North and into South America dating to about 12,000 years ago, said Dr. Skip Lohse, ISU anthropology chair and professor, and a member of the IRI. [Read more…]

ISU history professor’s book on Jefferson available

Dr. Ronald Hatzenbuehler

Dr. Ronald HatzenbuehlerThe book “’I Tremble for My Country’: Thomas Jefferson and the Virginia Gentry” by Idaho State University history professor Dr. Ron Hatzenbuehler has been published by the University Press of Florida.

In the book, Hatzenbuehler argues that Jefferson, though celebrated as a nationalist, is best understood as a member of the Virginia gentry, who viewed the nation through the lens of his native “country,” the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“In distinguishing Jefferson's universal appeal from his provincial identity, this thought-provoking book makes an important contribution to the study of the founding era,” said Andrew Burstein, University of Tulsa historian. [Read more…]

ISU Psychology Clinic admitting new patients

The Idaho State University Psychology Clinic, located on the fifth floor of Garrison Hall on the ISU Pocatello campus, is a university training clinic that provides psychological and behavior health services at very low cost.

The following services are available: 1) therapy for panic/anxiety, depression or other emotional disorders, 2) parent-child interactional treatment for child behavior problems, 3) family therapy and relationship treatment, and 4) treatment for substance abuse. There is no charge for an initial consultation.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 282-2129.

ISU scientist’s book, “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science,” is published

Meldrum's new book

Dr. Jeff Meldrum, associate professor of anatomy and anthropology in the Idaho State University department of biological sciences, is the author of the newly- released book, “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science,” published by Forge/Tom Doherty Associates.

ISU associate professor Dr. Jeff MeldrumThe book, available since Sept. 19, is an expanded companion volume to the Discovery Channel documentary by the same name.

“The book presents the findings of a number of respected scientists who objectively engaged the varied evidences for the possible existence of a relict ape,” Meldrum says, “and it further incorporates new perspectives and developments in my own 10-year investigation of this most intriguing natural-history question.”

In his forward, renowned naturalist George Schaller wrote in part, “Jeff Meldrum is a scientist, an expert in human locomotor adaptations. In ‘Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science,’ he examines all evidence critically, not to force a conclusion, but to establish a baseline of facts upon which further research can depend. His science is not submerged by opinion and dogmatic assumption. With objectivity and insight he analyzes evidence from tracks, skin ridges on the soles of feet, film footage, and DNA, and he compares it to that on primates and various other species.” [Read more…]

Arts and Sciences Research Day set Oct. 20

The Idaho State University College of Arts and Sciences will hold its second annual Arts and Sciences Research Day from 2 to 4 p.m. Oct. 20 in Goranson Hall located on the lower level of the Fine Arts Building on the ISU Pocatello campus.

The event has been designed to provide faculty of the other ISU colleges, as well as the public, a better idea of the variety of research and creative activity being undertaken by faculty within the College of Arts and Science. That college has teamed with the Office of Research to create an interesting and informative free event featuring six brief faculty presentations. [Read more…]