Idaho State University/NASA develop tool to track cheatgrass, monitor potential wildfire hazard

ISU/NASA team in GIS Center, from left, sitting, Zachery Simpson, and Jenna Williams; standing, Keith Weber and Jeff May.

POCATELLO – Idaho State University and NASA researchers teaming up with the Bureau of Land Management used satellite imagery to identify increased wildfire susceptibility due to the invasion of cheatgrass on rangelands.

The Idaho Disasters III Project Team working at ISU’s GIS Training and Research Center, one of only eight regional NASA DEVELOP Nodes in the United States, created reliable map images that BLM managers can use to identify cheatgrass infested areas. The map covers a large swath of eastern Idaho. [Read more…]

Idaho State University awarded telepharmacy grant

POCATELLO — Let’s say you’re taking Coumadin and want to know how the popular blood thinner will mix with your other medications.

What about the diabetes medication Metformin—could that explain your lower backache and drowsiness?

Finding answers to health care questions can be difficult in rural Idaho communities where medical resources are in short supply. But thanks to a $13,000 grant, Idaho State University researchers could be a step closer to bringing clinical pharmacy services to underserved communities that want them. [Read more…]

Self-Identified vampires subject of study by ISU Professor DJ Williams; Working with people with alternate identities can be challenging to clinicians

DJ Williams

POCATELLO – Encountering a self-identified vampire can pose challenges for clinicians in the helping professions such as social work, counseling or medical fields.

“We live in an age of technology and live in a time when people can select new, alternate identities to fit how they understand themselves better,” said DJ Williams, Idaho State University associate professor of social work. “We really need to understand some of these new identities and new ways to identify ourselves, and some of these new identities do not fit into stereotypes. Helping professionals of all varieties need more education on these kinds of topics.” [Read more…]

Idaho Museum of Natural History to present equine navicular syndrome lecture on July 15

POCATELLO – Idaho Museum of Natural History’s Mary Thompson will present a lecture on her research on equine navicular syndrome (ENS) in prehistoric horses at 7 p.m. July 15 at the Museum.

ENS is a chronic, incurable lameness of the horse’s foot.

The lecture is part of the Museum’s Extraordinary Evening with a Research program. The IMNH is located on the Idaho State University Pocatello campus, 698 E. Dillon Street. [Read more…]

‘Creating wealth is an illusion': Idaho State University anthropology Professor Paul Trawick publishes paper in journal Current Anthropology

Paul Trawick

Creating wealth is an illusion; and economic activity is subject to the laws of thermodynamics: these are key points of an article written by Idaho State University anthropologist Paul Trawick and published this spring in Current Anthropology, a leading peer-review journal in the discipline.

“I am pleased that this article appeared in one of the top-ranked scientific journals, “ Trawick said. [Read more…]

NuMat and Idaho State University join together for world-class research and development

POCATELLO – NuMat, Inc. announced that it has reached an agreement with Idaho State University to conduct joint research and development centered at the Research and Innovation in Science and Engineering (RISE) Complex in Pocatello, Idaho, with the goal of commercializing advanced technologies.

On June 1, Idaho State University and NuMat, Inc. signed a Technology Development and Licensing Agreement to work together to conduct research and development in a variety of technical areas at the RISE Complex, including: advanced manufacturing, medical isotope production, and materials science. [Read more…]