ISU sports science department purchases equipment for Human Performance Lab

Idaho State University Department of Sport Science and Physical Education Human Performance Lab Technician Joshua Holland (left) demonstrates activity on one of the Human Performance Lab's new CosMed machines, the HP Cosmos, as Lab Technicians Andrew Polenske (center) and Lindsey Schroeder (right) analyze and monitor data.

POCATELLO — Idaho State University’s Department of Sports Science and Physical Education recently purchased new CosMed equipment for its Human Performance Laboratory after receiving award funds from the ISU Graduate School.

The equipment will be used for student teaching and student research projects in the department, as well as student and professional research. [Read more…]

I Chose ISU: Boise’s Ben Satterwhite continues his family’s Bengal tradition

Ben Satterwhite in the Idaho Accelerator Center.

Benjamin Satterwhite grew up in Boise, but he is no stranger to Idaho State University. He continues the Bengal tradition of attending ISU as his father and uncles did before him.

Satterwhite moved to Washington to complete his undergraduate degree in physics at Western Washington University. He then traveled briefly and worked in Antarctica before returning to Idaho to complete his master’s in applied physics at Idaho State University. He graduated in December 2014 with his master’s degree. [Read more…]

Idaho State University’s Oboler Library receives Preservation Assistance Grant from National Endowment for the Humanities

POCATELLO — Special Collections and Archives in the Eli M. Oboler Library at Idaho State University has recently been awarded a Preservation Assistance Grant for Smaller Institutions from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).

“With these grants, the National Endowment for the Humanities continues its 50-year tradition of supporting excellence in the humanities,” said NEH Chair William D. Adams. “From scholarly books and humanities programs on college campuses to new digital humanities resources and preservation efforts at local museums, the projects receiving funding today will reach deeply into communities and expand access to our shared cultural heritage.”

The NEH granted $21.8 million in awards and offers for 295 humanities projects. Oboler Library is one of three institutions in the state of Idaho to receive funds during this grant cycle. [Read more…]

ISU faculty publish research advising business professionals on public relations crises

POCATELLO — Faculty from Idaho State University’s Department of Communication, Media and Persuasion published the article “Exploring the Alignment of Image Repair to Audience Type” in the edited volume “Putting Image Repair to the Test.”

The study is the first of a series of quantitative tests designed to provide proscriptive advice to organizational public relations professionals when dealing with organizational crises.

The study found that when organizations face a crisis, the most effective image repair tactics include apologies, promises of corrective action that will fix or prevent the recurrence of the crisis and compensation to the victims. The least effective tactics include attempts to shift the blame for the crisis, attacking the accuser such as the press or activist groups, or simply denying the crisis exists. [Read more…]

ISU-Meridian recruiting children for language learning study; participants will receive gift cards

Idaho State University-Meridian researchers will provide $100 in gift cards to children who complete a study to help determine how youngsters with language learning difficulties process and understand language.

“The long-term goal is to improve language assessment and treatment strategies,” said project leader Diane Ogiela, an ISU-Meridian assistant professor and speech language pathologist. Her co-researcher is professor and speech language pathologist, Jeanne Johnson.

The two are looking for English-speaking children, ages 6 to 7 years, who have normal hearing and a history of language learning difficulties. That can include children with learning disabilities, delayed language development, or language impairments or disorders, said Ogiela. [Read more…]

Idaho State University biology professors receive Outstanding Publication Award from The Wildlife Society

POCATELLO – Idaho State University biological sciences Professor Terry Bowyer, Assistant Research Professor John G. Kie and former ISU graduate student Kevin L. Monteith, were honored this fall by The Wildlife Society with a Wildlife Publications Award for an Outstanding Monograph for their co-written paper “Life-history characteristics of mule deer: effects of nutrition in a variable environment.”

Monteith is now an assistant professor at the University of Wyoming.

The award was presented during The Wildlife Society’s 22nd Annual Conference in Winnipeg, Canada. [Read more…]

ISU anthropology department receives $500k grant to develop forensic science techniques for identifying people under 25 years of age

Kyra Stull, ISU associate professor of anthropology.

POCATELLO—The Idaho State University Department of Anthropology has received a $510,409 grant from the National Institute of Justice to develop forensic science techniques to better identify individuals under 25 years of age for criminal justice purposes.

The department will use the grant for to develop age and sex estimation techniques for a modern, diverse American population, said Kyra Stull, ISU assistant professor of anthropology and the grant’s principal investigator. [Read more…]

ISU Professor Meldrum to head to international conference to consider existence of relict wildmen

POCATELLO – Idaho State University’s Jeff Meldrum, professor of anatomy and anthropology, will chair the program of the first World Conference on Relict Hominoids, held in South Africa May 4-10.

The event will be hosted by New World Expeditions and Zulu Nyala, a world–class wildlife photo safari resort. The conference program will feature nine international scholars, investigators and celebrities, assembled to discuss the possibilities and scientific evidence for the survival of unrecognized man-like species. Registrants will experience daily conference gatherings, as well as first-class dining and wildlife experiences in this exotic setting. [Read more…]

I Love ISU Scholarship campaign raises $212,520


POCATELLO — The 2015 annual I Love ISU campaign concluded Thursday, Sept. 17, raising $212,520 in pledges for scholarships for Idaho students.

This year’s total exceeded the goal of $205,000 set for the campaign.

Led this year by chair David G. Gates, Fire Chief of the Pocatello Fire Department, and co-chair Mary Vagner, retired School District No. 25 superintendent, more than 150 volunteers gathered pledges through weeks of peer-to-peer contacts and other activities. [Read more…]